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Container Sales & Rentals

We provide 20' & 40' steel shipping containers for Sale and Rent.

For delivery in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah.

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Company Profile

APEX Container provides overseas container pick up and delivery to 5 western states.

APEX Warehousing offers a wide range of storage options ranging from food grade storage to basic public warehousing, rail shipping & receiving, truck trans-loading, and crop receiving for one of the largest vegetable seed companies in the world.

Jim Jewell manager over warehousing has over 30 years experience in food production, warehousing, and storage.

Contact Information

Rick Maritt, APEX Container

1874 HIGHLAND AVE EAST, Twin Falls ID 83301

Telephone 208-733-1022        Fax 208-733-1476

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Jim Jewell, APEX Warehousing

604 Front St.,  Filer ID 83328

Telephone 208-733-1022    Fax 208-732-5221

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